Ploytec 34one

 The MIDI Clock Tap-on Tempo Pedal


  • Tap tempo range 30bpm - 300bpm
  • Solid housing for live performance
  • Extremly accurate due to a RISC CPU
  • Compatible to almost any MIDI keyboard (e.g. Korg Triton, Roland Fantom and Yamaha MOTIF) or sequencer including software sequencers
  • Long 9V block battery life (>50 hours of operation, no energy consumption when switched off) 
  • Tap tempo range 30bpm - 300bpm

Sync electronic instruments instead of drummers

Playing keyboard in a live band, it is sometimes a real problem to use sequences and arpeggios. The tempo is never exactly the same and it even slightly changes during a song because we're all humans. And basically there's nothing bad about that since those are the things making music being "live".

The 34one (three-four-one) tap-on tempo pedal enables you to sync electronic equipment to what's going on. You can even fine adjust the tempo while it's running. 34one notices that you're slightly ahead or behind quarternotes and gets your music back on the beat. It does so by smoothly accelerating or slowing down for a moment in order to get in sync.

Having this unique feature 34one is more than just tap tempo. It's a real problem solver.


34one is very easy to use

  • Select an arpeggio or drumloop on your keyboard or laptop
  • Listen to the beat of your fellow musicians
  • Tap the pedal on '3'(3rd beat of the measure) - this switches 34one on and starts the measuring
  • Tap on '4' - now 34one knows the tempo and immediately starts trasmitting a MIDI Clock signal: Your equipment is on the beat now.
  • On '1' 34one sends an additional MIDI Start, just in case you want to trigger a sequence or drumloop. Plus you can "tap on" to stay in sync!



user's manual - deutsche anleitung

quicktime video from winter NAMM



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This unit was succeeded by the 34oneII


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